Saturday, March 8, 2008

The seminar

The seminar was attended by more than 70 accident reconstructionists including police officers and engineers. Mr. Scott discussed numerous topics such as analyzing damage, bicycle dynamics, and bicycle laws. Bicycle acceleration and deceleration testing was also performed using a variety of cycling skills and bicycle types. Upon completion of the seminar, accident reconstruction professionals were well informed of accident investigation tactics when bicycles are involved.
JDA Senior Accident Reconstruction Specialist John C. Scott has great creditability to provide this seminar. John has over 14 years experience in the field of accident reconstruction. He is considered an expert in accident reconstruction after gathering evidence, investigating, and analyzing data of hundreds of vehicle reconstructions.
John Desch Associates Inc is an engineering consulting firm servicing the accident reconstruction and traffic flow management needs of attorneys, insurance firms, fleet management organizations and developers. The accreditation that JDA and their 16 certified experts provide to your case is undisputed. JDA is well known throughout the Northeast United States for their close work with law firms, insurance companies, organizations with large fleets of vehicles, municipalities, counties, state and federal agencies.
JDA is pleased to announce the recent certifications of three Senior Reconstructionists for the Vetronix/Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System. Steven N. Emolo, John G. Karpovich and John C. Scott have the most current certification to download crash data using the Vetronix/Bosch system on supported vehicles that may contain information about a collision event. Mr. Scott is also fully certified on the latest vehicle event data recorder technology as a Crash Data Retrieval Analyst, which assists JDA in understanding vehicle collisions. The reception of the certifications that these three JDA associates have received is of great honor. JDA is considered an elite Accident Reconstruction firm that serves as professional testimony to a given case. The completion of these courses to receive such high certifications brings even greater honor to John Desch and Associates. These certifications represent even more reason why JDA is the firm to lean to when an automobile crisis arises.